Friday, May 16, 2014


I had decide that when I went after my order at the local Lane Bryant store I would be underdressed as a woman.
Right now I am completely dressed as a woman and it feels so wonderful and right, if my hair and fingernails were longer I wouldn't hesitate to go out the way I am right now.
I do need to work on a tan or find somewhere to have a tan sprayed on.
Went out last evening to get my ordered from the local Lane Bryant store, underdressed as a woman and even wore  women's pull over top with women's jeans and I had on makeup and perfume.  I do believe I could have worn woman's shoes,  jewelry and have been carrying a purse and nothing would have been said.
In the near future I will be trying that, once I have a manicure and my ear pierced.
I need to start dressing more as a woman and to start going out as a woman, I have way to many woman's clothes to just wear around in my home.

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