Friday, September 5, 2014


I woke up early this morning a lot earlier then I normally do.  Once up I realize that I forgot to to remove the tampon  that I had inside of me.
Part of me wants to go to a party this morning as a woman to experience being a sissy fagot, to learn to give a BJ and to take it in the rear.  In one sense I am afraid that I will like it and want more of it but then again I might also hate it.
I think the biggest fear is having people see me who I really am or seeing my double life turning into a single life and that is one of being a sissy fagot.
Although if I could get the money out of everything that I have brought in the last eleven years I would probably give it all up.  To be able to live as a woman somewhere and not to see any current friends and/or relatives.  To find all new friends that would only know me as a sissy fagot/woman.
I will be getting dressed as a woman this morning but I will be taking my time doing it, just in case I do decide to go to the party.  I want my appearance to be just right.

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