Sunday, September 7, 2014


By the time I got everything just right, I broke out in a sweat.  I should have known not to apply foundation but I did anyway.  Laid down on the bed and stroke my shaft didn't take long to orgasm.
Strip everything off and washed my makeup off and got back into my male mood.
Today being Sunday having that urge again to be feminine, may have to apply nail polish to my toenails then get back into a feminine mood, which will happen sooner then later.  I have already sprayed glue on a couple of different sizes of silicone breast.  I hope to wear them all day on Monday with or without a bra.  May even wear a woman's swimsuit outside on Monday depending on the temperature.
I want to start wearing feminine items and/or going out completely as a woman in the next few weeks.  I still would like to find employment in a woman's specialty store even if only working in the back where as I could wear some feminine items to work in.

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