Thursday, September 4, 2014


This evening I am hoping to become a woman once again and to enjoy myself as a woman on Friday as well.
It has been to long for me not to be feminine in some way.  I have been looking forward to this since late last week.  I could go out in the morning as a woman to a party and get the full experience as a woman or a sissy  to sucking a man and to have the experience of being taking anal by a man.  It has always been one of my fantasies but to make it a reality I just don't know.  I think I would rather be taken by a woman with a strap on first then go from there.
Just got out of the shower where as I just lost my body hair, have nail polish on my toenails and have taken a feminine douche with a super plus tampon to hold it in.
Once flushed out I went ahead and used my vibrating dildo on myself and it felt wonderful.  I then went ahead and got dressed in some lingerie and had perfume sprayed on.
I will be getting dressed as a woman in the morning and may go out as one for a drive. 

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