Monday, February 3, 2014


Yesterday I kept shopping on the internet went back to the Roman's site and ordered a swimsuit and a straw hat.  I keep saying or telling myself that I will lay out in the sun in a woman's swimsuit, hopefully my hot neighbor will see me wearing the woman's swimsuit.
I also ordered some panties from the Hanes outlet site.
Should it ever quit snowing and raining I would like to start going out dressed as a woman,  I used to do that a few years ago.  I can still hear the door slamming shut from the woman across the road when she saw me in a woman's top, leather skirt, makeup and heels.
That year I used to go shopping at the mall under-dressed as a woman wearing some makeup and perfume in drab attire.  I wasn't afraid to tell the sales associate that the clothes I was shopping for were for me and I was allowed to try them on before buying them.
The house that I lived in before buying this one was in a subdivision and I used to buy Easter outfits that I would wear in my fenced (private) in backyard.  There was one or two neighbors that could see me walking around my yard in my Easter outfit, at the time I didn't care but it felt so nice to have an Easter outfit.
I wouldn't mind buying one again but should I do I would want to wear it somewhere other then my backyard.
I often think about going to a church wearing an Easter outfit on Easter Sunday.

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