Wednesday, November 12, 2014


I did dress Monday as a woman and it felt wonderful and right.  After having masturbating and shooting a full load of cum into my sanitary napkin.  I got to feeling guilty for dressing as a woman.  I removed my nail polish and strip everything off.
Didn't do anything yesterday as far as being feminine, but this morning I am having an overwhelming urge to apply nail polish on my toenails once again.  I know when I do it I will also take a shower using scented body wash and shaving my body, then I will be taking a feminine douche and inserting a tampon or two.  I will be back on my way to being a woman.  Just wish I had somebody to share this part of me with.
Here I sit completely dressed as a woman and what a feeling it is.
There are a few things that I should be doing today but here I am as the woman I long to be.  It feels so wonderful and right to be dressed as I am  including my makeup, perfume, wig and jewelry.
I have come to a conclusion this afternoon, I need to buy myself a cock cage put it on lock it and throw away the keys to it.  If I can deny myself from cumming I will be able to stay dressed as a woman longer and will be more likely to start going back out as one.

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