Friday, November 14, 2014


This will mark another day that I will be dressing as a woman.  I still need to stop by the store and pick up feminine supplies, need to make up my mind on a manicure if I do then I need to shop for a sweater dress to wear out tomorrow evening.
I have some errands to run today and here I sit partially dressed as a woman with her makeup on.  My male self says she wasn't going to come out until we got back home.  She said no she was coming out because she was going dress shopping and looking to get her nails done.  He wouldn't have done either one, but she will.  We will see what happens.
Here is what happen today, she did get her way to a certain point.  She left here dressed as a woman she had nail polish on her toenails, a regular flow tampon in her love hole, she had sprayed perfume on all her body.  She had on a panties with a sanitary napkin in them, pantyhose with an all-in-one body brief, with a woman's pull over top, woman's jeans, foundation, face powder, eye shadow, eye liner, mascara on.  She also wore a wig with earrings  and heels on with a long wool coat carrying her purse.  She also carried out a Lane Bryant bag with a pair of ankle socks and his gym shoes along with a jacket.
First stop to pay a bill, in the parking lot she removed the heels and slip on the ankle socks and gym shoes, once out of the vehicle she slip off the wool coat and put on the jacket.  She also removed the wig, earrings and the breast inserts.
Once that bill was paid next stop was the bank to get some money, then off to Lane Bryant store she didn't go in he chickened out.
Next stop was Kroger's to get her feminine supplies total bill was $96.00 but he did get a couple of things the rest was for her.
Stopped at a park on the way back home and she removed the socks and gym shoes and slip the heels back on, then she changed coats, got back into the vehicle and place the wig back on brushed it out and put the earrings back on.  Next came some blush and lip gloss and drove back home.
She hasn't done anything like that for at the very least 1-1/2 years or more.  It felt wonderful and natural to be out like that.

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