Sunday, September 6, 2015


Have been home from a four day trip for two hours now and I am looking forward to becoming feminine in the next day or two.
I need to go out for some feminine supplies, hair remover lotion, feminine douche, super plus and regular flow tampons,  herbal hormones and spray on glue.  I might as well get some new mascara, eye liner and lip gloss and/or lipstick.
I am wanting to apply nail polish to my toenails and after using feminine douche stick a vibrating dildo inside of me and glue my silicone breast on, once the breast are set remove the dildo and insert a butt plug, spray myself with perfume and get dressed as a woman including makeup, wig and jewelry.
I need to start going out as a woman and to start socializing as a woman.
By this fall to early winter I want start doing my grocery shopping as a woman and to go window shopping as a woman.
It would be so nice if I could find employment somewhere, where I could be dressed as a woman.  To wear a dress with nylons and heels or a skirt, top and/or sweater with nylon and heels.  To leave here everyday dressed completely as a woman and to come back home as a woman.

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