Tuesday, September 22, 2015


Knew it was to good to last, have come to a stand still as far being feminine.  I'm sure that will change as least for a short time when I receive a dress and a top that I had ordered of of the internet from the Catherine's web-site.
I have to much going on this week as my male self but will take the time to try on my purchases when they arrive.
I did wash some dresses this past weekend and have them hanging in my closet for when I do decide to get back into my feminine mood.
I do need to take my woman's winter coat to a dry cleaner and have it cleaned.  May do that this week.
I have been telling myself that I need to start going out as a woman and would really like to go out as one window shopping or just shopping in general.  I would mind going out as a woman to do my grocery shopping of course I might stay a while in the makeup  and/or feminine hygiene aisle.  I do need to buy another bottle or two of hair remover lotion and another box or two of feminine douche as I use the douche as a enema.
I also want a bigger vibrating dildo, could go shopping for that dressed as a woman also.
I would need to have a manicure done for when I should start going out dressed as a woman.

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