Saturday, September 12, 2015


This afternoon toward early evening I am suppose to go to a wedding, but with a cold front that has come in it would be a great time to become a woman and to go out as one.
I need to do some chores outside and when I come back in it would be so nice to lose all body hair, take an enema using feminine douche and insert a super plus tampon to help hold it in.  Once flushed out I could use a vibrating dildo on myself, after an half an hour or so reinsert a regular flow tampon.  Apply scented body lotion all over my body, spray perfume on, don panties with a sanitary napkin, pantyhose, all-in-one body brief, silicone breast inserts, apply makeup, dress, heels, earrings, rings, woman's watch.  Load my woman's billfold and add some things to my purse and walk out the door for the unknown.
That would be a lot nicer then going to a wedding, unless I was out to everyone.
I didn't make it to the wedding, decided to stay home and become the sissy that I know I am.  Just lost all of my body hair, applied nail polish to my toenails,  have taken an enema using feminine douche and have super plus tampon inside of me.  Once flushed out I will use my vibrating dildo on myself and will either insert a butt plug that I have or will insert a regular flow tampon then get dressed as a woman.

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