Sunday, September 27, 2015


I believe the urge to be feminine is coming back, my order has arrived and I need to try the dress and the top on to see how I look in both items.
I am out of scented body wash but will use the bottle of hair remover I have left and some scented body lotion.  I will also us a feminine douche as I will want to use my vibrating dildo's before getting dressed as a woman.
I need to go out grocery shopping this week and when I do that I want to be under-dressed as a woman with some light makeup on.
I am hoping the man across the road will be going back to work in the next few weeks, he was in a bad accident back in April and he has put a dent in my wanting to dress as a woman and going out for drives dressed as a woman and just going out and being seen as a woman.
Hopefully by the end of October I will be going out dressed as a woman to shop for a dildo and to do my grocery shopping as a woman.  I wouldn't mind going shopping for scented body wash, scented body lotion and perfume as a woman, of course I would also be shopping for woman's wear, woman's shoes and woman's jewelry as a woman.
Hopefully by middle of the month I will be going to a support group for women like myself.  Then look out world, here I come.

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