Saturday, July 12, 2014


Here it is Saturday morning and I am having an overwhelming urge to wear a bra and to keep it on all day.  I am also thinking of putting nail polish on my toenails. 
Is the moon doing this?  Since it closest to the earth this time of the year?  I like it if it is doing it, it could stay around for a month or more.
If not then I am just going through one of my moods or having PMS.  Thinking today or tomorrow I will be using my hair remover lotion again, douching and inserting a tampon.  Getting under-dressed as a woman with some light makeup and perfume on to go grocery shopping.  I may go ahead and fill out an application on line for work at a couple of woman's specialty stores.  What do I have to lose, the stores already know I shop there.  Other then my references will find out about me.
I went ahead and donned a bra and panties this morning but had an overwhelming urge to masturbate which I did but now the urge is back this afternoon to get feminine.  I wish I could over come my silliness about feeling ashamed of myself after I masturbate while I am dressed in lingerie.

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