Tuesday, July 8, 2014


I was doing good until I got on my feminine face book account and clicked on a pantyhose site.  Now here I am hairless have taken a douche with a super plus tampon inside of me, scented body lotion on with the prospect of using my vibrating dildo on myself.  Inserting another tampon inside of me, spraying myself with perfume, donning panties with a sanitary napkin in them, pantyhose, woman's jeans, maybe a bra with a pull over top or just the pull over top, woman's billfold, light makeup with some lip gloss, woman's slip on flat shoes or my heels.
I do need to go to the grocery store, wonder if I could pull it off and go there as a woman.  I would need to wear a wig and glue it on. I would also want to wear a dress with heels or a skirt and a pull over top or blouse.  I would also need to have my nails done.  Might be better idea to wait until this fall then go there as a woman.
I will be dressing as one in the weeks to come.  I am hoping to lie out in the sun as a woman also.
It took three pairs of pantyhose before I could get one on without a run in them, this has only happened one other time several years ago.  Might be time to buy some more pantyhose.

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