Monday, July 14, 2014


I had made my mind up if the man across the road was out for an overnight delivery I was going to leave my home completely dressed as a woman this evening.  Since he is home I will just go out underdressed as a woman to buy some more feminine hygiene items; such as douche, tampons, sanitary napkins and hair remover lotion.  May also buy some new mascara and eye liner.
Since I will be out might as do some grocery shopping. 
Later this week I do need to find employment somewhere since I have ordered some woman's slacks and a new dress.  I would like to order a few more feminine items.  I probably should start shopping locally again as I did a few years ago when I went to Lane Bryant and tried on a blouse and a skirt before buying them.  I would like to do that again only this time where it out of the store.

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