Thursday, July 10, 2014


Seen my hot looking neighbor this morning after doing some chores outside I now have taking a shower using scented body wash and have taken a douche with a super plus tampon inside of me.
I was browsing on the Lane Bryant web-site and ordered two pairs of woman's  slacks and one dress that zips up the side. 
I just got through using my vibrating dildo again and it felt wonderful, I now have a regular flow tampon inside of me and have don panties with a sanitary napkin in them.  I have also sprayed myself with perfume and have sprayed some glue on a pair of silicone breast of which once I donned a bra I slip the breast into the cups of the bra.  I am hoping they stayed glued on.  If they do stay glued on I will then put on my woman's swim suit and go outside.  If not I will finish getting underdressed as a woman and go to the bank, lumber yard and smoke shop.
I tried on both swim suits that I have and I didn't like how I looked in either one.

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