Sunday, December 15, 2013


I'm on my way to being a woman for the next few days, I applied nail polish to my toenails, and used some hair remover lotion I let it stand on my body for seven minutes then showered it off.  Once I patted myself dry I then used a summers eve feminine douche and inserted a super plus tampon to help hold it in.  I got to thinking earlier I may use two douches today as I need a good cleaning out.  I need to decide what size silicone breast that I will be gluing on.
I did use two feminine douches about an half hour apart after my second douche I inserted a regular flow tampon, applied my makeup and glued on my largest set of silicone breast.  I then got completely dressed as a woman and it felt wonderful. 
About an hour after getting dressed as a woman I had another over whelming desire and that was to use my vibrating dildo on myself.  I removed the tampon and inserted the dildo into my love hole and it felt wonderful also as I was still dress completely as a woman.    Her dress pushed up and her pantyhose and panties pull down, I inserted the vibrating dildo and after about five minutes I was shooting cum with just pushing the dildo in and out.  I am now thinking about going out as a woman this coming Saturday evening depending on the weather as I really enjoy wearing dresses more so than slacks and a top.
I am still planning on staying dress as a woman through Thursday.  I may have to go out for some feminine douche and foundation makeup.

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