Friday, December 27, 2013


I will be getting under-dressed as a woman again today with some light makeup and perfume on.  I have some errands to run and I probably need to shop for a lighter woman's coat and/or jacket.  If I knew for sure I wouldn't be doing anything in male mood on Saturday I would like to have a manicure done and go out this evening as a woman.  I do want to start going out as a woman in 2014 and to work on losing weight in the new year.
Besides shopping for a new coat/jacket I need to shop for some woman's sleepwear.  I want to start the new year lounging around the house in more women's attire then the drab attire I have been in.
I would like to keep just the basic male attire and have my closets and dresser draws filled with woman's attire.
Should I get some money ahead I would like to have my bathroom remodeled into a feminine theme, then work on the rest of my home and also make it look like a woman lives here.

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