Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Monday night I did go to the grocery store for a few items plus my feminine items.  I went there under-dressed as a woman with woman's jeans on.  I brought some grocery items that I needed plus my feminine items and the total of feminine items was over  $60.00, my regular grocery items was only $20.00.
I didn't get into my feminine mood yesterday but I believe I am making up for it today.  I am completely dressed as a woman from having a tampon in my love hole to the works everywhere else.  I am thinking about gluing some colored fingernails on that I found Monday evening.  Guarantee to last a week, I really don't have anything going on this week, might just do it and live with it.
I do wish I could find the nerve to walk out my door and head to the mall for some shopping or at the very least be seen by my "hot looking neighbor".
I didn't realize I am low on regular flow tampons, I will have to go to the store tomorrow and purchase some.  I might as well buy both sizes; super plus and regular flow tampons.

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