Sunday, December 22, 2013


I got a wild urge the other day to purge but only purge clothes that I no longer wear for one reason or another.  I still have plenty of lingerie, makeup, feminine hygiene products, perfume , a few dresses, heels and a winter coat.  I still have two dresses that need to be picked up at the local Lane Bryant store.  I may go out tomorrow morning under-dressed as a woman I started to that this past Friday but didn't.  Now I want to do it more then ever, I will be staying home this Christmas instead of spending it with friends and I can stay dressed as a woman all day in one of my new dresses.
After buying some tampons at the grocery store I came home and I am on my way to becoming a woman once more.  Before I get completely dressed as a woman I will be using my vibrating dildo on myself.  The I will get dressed as a woman and stay that way this afternoon.  In the morning I will get under-dressed as a woman with makeup and perfume on along with a woman's watch and go pick up my two dresses.

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