Tuesday, December 24, 2013


I finally got around to picking up my two new dresses this morning the Lane Bryant shop moved out of the mall and down the road from it.
When I went in there to pick up my dresses I thought to myself the two woman they had working in there were big all the way around.  Thought they should hire some cross-dressers and their sales would probably go through the roof so to speak.  I do think I could pass as a woman even though I buy and wear large size dresses.  I like to wear fashionable dresses and skirts with tops, I believe I could pass as a woman and work there.
I will be getting into my feminine mood here shortly and will be in it all day tomorrow in one of my new dresses.  I probably need to shop for an apron one of these days to wear over my dress when I am cooking. 
I will look into going back to the Lane Bryant store under-dressed as a woman with some makeup on and wearing woman's jeans to shop for some tops.
I went ahead and place an order from Victoria's Secret for some body wash, scented body lotion and perfume.  Looks Like I will be doing this for a while yet might as well smell like a woman.  Who knows might go out one evening to a club.
Heard today that my niece is getting married the end of May in 2014, the wedding will be held up near Cincinnati, OH. I wouldn't mind spending the weekend up in a hotel and spending a couple nights as a woman at the clubs that allow CD;s/transgenders. 
One night I would have to spend it as a male but the other nights and the drive on the way home could be spent as a woman.

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